Step 1 of 5: Select Your Member Type

Membership in the LSMS offers physicians, physicians in training, and medical students an opportunity to shape and impact their profession. Our members represent the entire state, as well as, all specialties, and a diverse group of demographics and practice settings within the health care community. As a member of the LSMS you will be able to participate in the development of guidelines, policies and bylaws established by the organization. You will be on the forefront of issues that affect the availability of high quality, affordable healthcare for all citizens of Louisiana.


Thank you for joining the LSMS and adding your voice to the 7,000+ members we represent!



To begin, choose the membership category that best fits your career level. If you are part of a group practice, contact Terri Watson,, to discuss a possible discount and additional benefits. 


A Louisiana licensed physician who holds a full-time faculty position in one of Louisiana's approved medical schools as designated by the LCME



A Louisiana licensed physician working more than 20 hours per week



A licensed physician who lives outside Louisiana but still within the United States and its territories


Medical Student

A student enrolled in a Louisiana medical school, which has been approved by the LCME



A Louisiana licensed physician working less than 20 hours per week



A licensed physician who is either a member of any branch of the US Military or employed by the Veterans Administration



A training physician serving an internship, residency or fellowship in a Louisiana hospital approved by the ACGME