Board of Governors


The Executive Committee of the Board of Governors serves as the trustee and the administrative board of the LSMS and transacts business for and on behalf of the Society in the interval between full Board of Governors and House of Delegates meetings. All terms expire on December 31, 2018.

Lee Stevens, MD President
Katherine Williams, MD President Elect
R. Reece Newsome, MD Vice President
Paul Perkowski, MD Speaker
T. Steen Trawick, MD Vice Speaker
Richard Paddock, MD Secretary-Treasurer
David Broussard, MD Chair, COL
 Board of Councilors
The Board of Councilors serves as an appeals board for member-to-member disputes that cannot be resolved on a component society level, reviews issues regarding medical ethics and acts as a liaison to the component societies and members in the district. Councilors serve two-year terms; odd-numbered districts elect new councilors in odd-numbered years and even-numbered districts elect new councilors in even-numbered years. To learn more about LSMS Districts, click here.
George Ellis, Jr., MD BOG, District 1 member
Juan Gershanik, MD BOG, District 1 alternate
Robert Chugden, MD BOG, District 2 member
Gabriel N. Rivera-Rodriguez, MD BOG, District 2 alternate
Allen Vander, MD BOG, District 3 member
Mark Hebert, MD BOG, District 3 alternate
F. Jeff White, MD BOG, District 4 member
Susan Veillon, MD BOG, District 4 alternate
Adrienne Williams, MD BOG, District 5 member
Gwen Jackson, MD BOG, District 5 alternate
Michael Roppolo, MD BOG, District 6 member
Azeen Sadeghian, MD BOG, District 6 alternate
Brian Gamborg, MD BOG, District 7 member
Yoko Broussard, MD BOG, District 7 alternate
Lance Templeton, MD BOG, District 8 member
BOG, District 8 alternate
Andy Blalock, MD BOG, District 9 member
Roderick Clark, MD BOG, District 9 alternate
Nicholas Viviano, MD BOG, District 10 member
Jeremy Henderson, MD BOG, District 10 alternate

Senior Physician 

Robert McCord, MD BOG, Senior Physician Section member

BOG, Senior Physician Section alternate


Young Physician 

Amberly Nunez, MD BOG, Young Physician Section member
BOG, Young Physician Section alternate



Ken Ehrhardt, MD BOG, Resident/Fellow Section member
Trinath Kuruvella, MD BOG, Resident/Fellow Section alternate


Medical Student 

Blake Denley BOG, Medical Student Section member
Bryce Christensen BOG, Medical Student Section alternate