Economic Impact of Physicians in Louisiana
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Physicians Bring Economic Health to Louisiana’s Communities

Beyond their role in safeguarding the health of our communities, physicians in Louisiana are a major driver of the state economy, spurring economic growth and creating jobs across all industries.

Louisiana physicians hire locally, buy locally and support the local economy. Through the creation of jobs with strong wages and benefits paid to workers across the state, physicians empower a high-quality, sustainable workforce that generates state and local tax revenue for community investments. Physicians’ economic output—the value of the goods and services provided—helps other businesses grow through their own purchasing and through the purchasing of their employees. Each dollar in direct output applied to physician services supports $1.85 in economic activity in Louisiana, and physician-driven economic activity is greater than legal services, home health care, higher education, and nursing home and residential care.

View the 2018 American Medical Association Economic Impact Study to learn more about the contributions physicians make to the health of Louisiana’s economy at