election toolkit
Election Toolkit
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As part of the relaunch of LSMS.org, we are excited to offer a Toolkit specific to elections. As you browse the information below, you have access to information discussed at the 2019 LSMS Summer Road Trip and more in-depth information as it pertains to your LSMS district.



Election Issues - Click here

2019 Legislative Wrap Up - Click here

Who is providing care? Click here to find out why medical school matters!

LAMPAC- Who will LAMPAC contribute to? You can be a part of that conversation, too. If you know a candidate and are willing to help us learn more about them, please request that they download and submit our easy-to-use questionnaire. If you are a candidate interested in an endorsement from LAMPAC, please download and submit the questionnaire as soon as possible as we continue to analyze races. Download here!

Not a LAMPAC contributor? Click here to get started today!

Endorsements- When we do endorse a candidate, this is where you’ll find comprehensive information on our endorsements and ways for you to help them. Click here to view.


Top three LSMS topics

Reimbursements: Physicians want to continue to care for the neediest and, many times, the sickest patients. State leaders must realize that cutting physicians’ payments is not an effective tool for controlling healthcare costs and often exacerbates the cost of care. The already artificially low Medicare reimbursement is considered the floor for payments. Here in Louisiana, Medicaid reimbursements are now roughly 2/3s of what Medicare pays. Providers cannot continue to make ends meet and pay business expenses at this threshold.

Scope of Practice: Now, and in the future, physicians and other professionals will practice in teams to provide comprehensive patient care. Nevertheless, these patient-focused teams must be physician-led to ensure quality, continuity, and efficiency in care. The LSMS strongly opposes any efforts to expand scope of practice beyond what is safely permitted by non-physician practitioners’ education, training, and skills.

The Medical Malpractice Act: Louisiana has an established malpractice cap which provides stability and affordability of insurance for providers. At the same time, the system provides a viable fund for compensating claimants. The statutory cap in place provides a total liability of $500,000 plus payment of all related and ongoing medical expenses. Without this limit on damages for medical liability actions, we drastically reduce the chances of attracting new doctors or retaining the doctors currently providing healthcare in Louisiana.