LAMPAC is a non-partisan, state political action committee. It is a separate organization from LSMS and is responsible for political fundraising and candidate support. LAMPAC accepts voluntary contributions from its supporters and combines the individual voices of contributors into one strong, unified voice to support candidates who understand the challenges of providing quality health care in today’s changing environment. Contributing to LAMPAC is your first step in having your voice heard and the interests of your patients and your practice protected. 

LAMPAC’s purpose is to protect you, your practice and your patients. It does that by working hard to create a legislative environment that is open and fair when considering the interests of Louisiana physicians and their patients.


LAMPAC’s Board is comprised of LAMPAC contributors and takes very seriously its role in determining how funds are donated to candidates. This board, in cooperation with LSMS staff, works hard to gather information on candidates running for state and legislative office in Louisiana. The group will review input from physicians and other sources on candidates backgrounds and their positions on medical issues.


LAMPAC needs your help to be successful:

Contribute today. (Click HERE to contribute to LAMPAC)
Educate your area candidates on our issues.
Share your knowledge with LAMPAC’s board.
Consider running for office yourself.

Your participation does matter, and we welcome it!