Legislative Resources

ACT 286 - Medical Marijuana

The legislature recently expanded the conditions for which physicians may recommend medical marijuana.  In an effort to assist you the LSMS has developed the attached guidance regarding the changes to the statutes, potential liability issues and how to protect yourself and your practice. LEARN MORE

Louisiana Patient's Compensation Fund (PCF)

The Patient’s Compensation Fund is an off-budget unit of the state which is 100 percent self-funded and not pooled in the general fund. The Fund was created in 1975 to provide an affordable and guaranteed medical malpractice coverage system for the private healthcare providers in the state. It basically plays the role of an “excess insurer” of private healthcare providers. The law allows a provider to have financial responsibility for the first $100,000 of exposure per claim whether through insurance or security deposit and enroll in the Fund for the excess coverage and be under an umbrella of the cap on damages. The vast majority of healthcare providers are enrolled in the Patient’s Compensation Fund and pay surcharges for the coverage and protection provided. The Patient’s Compensation Fund provides protection for the healthcare system, keeping costs down, and providing a guaranteed pool of funds to pay those citizens injured from medical malpractice of private health care providers. LEARN MORE

Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners (LSMBE)

The mission of the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners is to protect and improve the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Louisiana through licensing, regulation, research, and discipline of physicians and allied health professionals in a manner that protects the rights and privileges of the licensees. LEARN MORE

Physicians Advocacy Institute (PAI)

The Physicians Advocacy Institute’s mission is to advance fair and transparent payment policies and contractual practices by payers and others in order to sustain the profession of medicine for the benefit of patients. LEARN MORE