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ACT 286 - Medical Marijuana

The legislature recently expanded the conditions for which physicians may recommend medical marijuana.  In an effort to assist you the LSMS has developed the attached guidance regarding the changes to the statutes, potential liability issues and how to protect yourself and your practice. LEARN MORE

Non-Compete Clauses and Restrictive Covenants Panel Discussion

Our panel included two distinguished attorneys who have extensive knowledge of contracting and health care as well as a physician to provide real-world experience on the topic. The panel members discussed the importance of understanding what you are bound to within the terms of your employment contract as well as what is generally enforceable.

Economic Impact of Physicians in Louisiana

Beyond their role in safeguarding the health of our communities, physicians in Louisiana are a major driver of the state economy, spurring economic growth and creating jobs across all industries.
Louisiana physicians hire locally, buy locally and support the local economy. Through the creation of jobs with strong wages and benefits paid to workers across the state, physicians empower a high-quality, sustainable workforce that generates state and local tax revenue for community investments. Physicians’ economic output—the value of the goods and services provided—helps other businesses grow through their own purchasing and through the purchasing of their employees. Each dollar in direct output applied to physician services supports $1.85 in economic activity in Louisiana, and physician-driven economic activity is greater than legal services, home health care, higher education, and nursing home and residential care.

Click here to learn more about the economic impact physicians bring to Louisiana.


Capsules QW E-newsletter

Capsules QW is published weekly for the members of the LSMS, and is intended to share information affecting physicians in Louisiana. Treatment of articles, views, and opinions expressed within are not necessarily endorsed by the LSMS. Submissions, comments and suggestions are welcome at Click here to read archived issues.


The Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society

For over 160 years, the Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society has been providing valuable scientific articles and information to physicians. Established in 1844, the Journal is one of the oldest periodicals of its kind in the country, featuring scientific information on clinical trials and treatments. Originally founded as the New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal, the publication was "devoted to the cultivation of medicine and the associated sciences." In 1953, the name was changed to the Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society. No matter what the name, the Journal is not only true to its original cause, but it has adapted to meet the needs of today’s physician.

Click here to read the current issue of the Journal, research archived issues, or learn about the Board of Trustees.


HealthSYNC of Louisiana

HealthSYNC of Louisiana is a physician-led health information network delivered in partnership with the Louisiana State Medical Society (LSMS) offering a suite of health information technology tools to help health professionals across the state of Louisiana connect, analyze, engage, and transform the healthcare industry. LEARN MORE


Be Prepared - Emergency & Disaster Preparedness

Being prepared for emergencies is crucial at home, school, work and in your community. Disaster can strike quickly and without warning. It can force you to evacuate your neighborhood, workplace or school or can confine you to your home. What would you do if basic services - water, gas, electricity or telephones - were cut off? Local officials and relief workers will be on the scene after a disaster, but they cannot reach everyone right away. The best way to make you and your family safer is to be prepared before disaster strikes. LEARN MORE


Louisiana Patient's Compensation Fund (PCF)

The Patient’s Compensation Fund is an off-budget unit of the state which is 100 percent self-funded and not pooled in the general fund. The Fund was created in 1975 to provide an affordable and guaranteed medical malpractice coverage system for the private healthcare providers in the state. It basically plays the role of an “excess insurer” of private healthcare providers. The law allows a provider to have financial responsibility for the first $100,000 of exposure per claim whether through insurance or security deposit and enroll in the Fund for the excess coverage and be under an umbrella of the cap on damages. The vast majority of healthcare providers are enrolled in the Patient’s Compensation Fund and pay surcharges for the coverage and protection provided. The Patient’s Compensation Fund provides protection for the healthcare system, keeping costs down, and providing a guaranteed pool of funds to pay those citizens injured from medical malpractice of private health care providers. LEARN MORE


Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners (LSMBE)

The mission of the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners is to protect and improve the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Louisiana through licensing, regulation, research, and discipline of physicians and allied health professionals in a manner that protects the rights and privileges of the licensees. LEARN MORE


Physicians Advocacy Institute

The Physicians Advocacy Institute’s mission is to advance fair and transparent payment policies and contractual practices by payers and others in order to sustain the profession of medicine for the benefit of patients. LEARN MORE

Closing a medical practice

This article is designed to assist LSMS members who are planning to retire or close their medical practices. Each physician’s practice is unique, and the circumstances under which the practice is being closed are also unique, therefore, these guidelines must be adapted for the unique needs of the physician’s practice. The information presented in this document should be regarded only as guidelines. This document is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice and is not a legal opinion. LEARN MORE


Termination of the Physician/Patient Relationship

This document has been prepared to assist LSMS members when they want to terminate their relationship with a patient. The information presented in this document should be considered to be in the form of guidelines only. The document is presented with the express understanding that neither the LSMS nor its attorneys are providing legal advice. LEARN MORE


Treatment Records

All patients have the legal right to obtain a copy of their treatment records. LA. R.S. 40:1165.1 details how treatment records are requested and provided. LEARN MORE


Vital Signs

In recognition of National Physician Suicide Awareness Day, The Physicians Foundation announced the launch of Vital Signs, a campaign to help raise greater awareness about the physician suicide epidemic and to provide physicians the tools to attend to their own wellbeing. Vital Signs is designed to empower physicians, their colleagues and loved ones, to check in on one another’s wellbeing. Ultimately, this will help destigmatize the negativity around physicians seeking help for their mental health. The campaign uses an educational webpage to help understand the warning signs to look for in someone who may be suicidal. In addition, Vital Signs provides a guide to help start a conversation with a physician about whom a colleague may be concerned. The Vital Signs campaign is part of the Foundation’s ongoing commitment to protect physician wellbeing, including addressing burnout, which can have devastating effects on the access, quality and cost of our country’s health care. It’s estimated that one million Americans lose their physician to suicide each year. LEARN MORE


Equipping physicians to manage burnout

More than half of U.S. physicians experience burnout. The AMA is committed to identifying solutions that increase joy in medicine. LEARN MORE


Healthcare Professionals Foundation of Louisiana

As you know, physicians, physician assistants, podiatrists, medical psychologists, dentists, and dental hygienists (healthcare professionals) often find themselves caring for others continuously. However, these health care professionals also need assistance at times, and we want you to know that it is ok to ask for help. It is the primary role of the Healthcare Professionals' Foundation of Louisiana (HPFL) Professionals' Health Program (PHP) to offer assistance to health care professionals who may be suffering from difficulties such as substance use issues, depression, anxiety, etc., in addition to a host of physical ailments and disruptive behavior patterns. The HPFL PHP supports healthcare professionals who are in our program and advocates for them with hospitals, health plan networks, malpractice insurance carriers, and licensure boards. LEARN MORE